09 July 2000: Monaco - Imperia - Savona

Departure in Monaco
The first day of the Transeuropean saw the departure of the vehicles from Monaco. Mr. Viora, president of CITELEC, together with Mr. Laffont of the Monaco electric utility SMEG, gave the departure signal for the vehicles.
The Automobile Club of Monaco assisted with the timekeeping and official registration of the departure.

Signing the time sheets

Along the Riviera coast
The first part of the trip happened to be a very scenic one, following the Mediterranean coastline all along from the Principality of Monaco, through a bit of the French Côte d'Azur through the Italian Riviera.
The road of choice was the Via Aurelia, the old Roman road where up to today the mileposts show the distance to the eternal city of Rome.
A mid-day charging pause was provided in Imperia, courtesy of So.l.e. , a subsidiary of Enel. This company showed a large interest in the event; it is actually deploying electric vehicle charging infrastructure in a number of Italian cities.
On the continuation of the trip, leading to the city of Savona, the electric vehicles got to know the traffic problems associated with a summer Sunday on the seaside: long traffic queues, which they endured silently and cleanly however.

Charging in Imperia
Charging connections inside the support vehicle
Charging operations were focused on the support vehicle, N° 0, provided by the Electromobile Club of Switzerland. This vehicle provided for energy counting.

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