11 July 2000: Torino - Vercelli - Novara - Mendrisio
The magnificent Piazza San Carlo harboured the vehicles for their visit to Torino. At their arrival, they were welcomed by the city's assessor for the environment, Mr. Hutter, and by Mr. Giorgio Morre from Pinerolo Sport. The city of Torino is very keen on the electric vehicle, and is currently developing a network of charging infrastructure. In March 2001, it will host the "12 Electric Hours" of CITELEC.
The Piazza San Carlo in Torino
A Peugeot 106 from the EasyMove fleet
Several participating vehicles were from the EasyMove fleet. This award-winning scheme, resulting from a collaboration of the Mendrisio project and the Swiss federal railways, presents electric vehicles for rental at major railway stations (Bellinzona, Chiasso, Locarno, Lugano and Mendrisio) in Ticino, Switzerland.
From Torino, the road was taken to Vercelli: a long straight trek through the ricefields of the Padane plain, origin of the famous "risotto"...
Below grows the food for the drivers, above flows the food for their electric vehicles...
Professor Maggetto explains the operation of the hybrid Prius
The short charging break in Vercelli attracted an interested  audience. During the Transeuropean, local press was present everywhere to report on visit of the vehicles.
The main lunch break was taken in Novara, where the vehicles charged near the historical city centre. Like on all Italian sites, the electric power was provided here by So.l.e. .
In the centre of Novara, Italy

A "Park and Charge" infrastructure in Mendrisio
Before starting the last leg of the day, towards, Mendrisio, Switzerland, a torrential thunderstorm broke out. All vehicles however made it safely to Mendrisio, the Swiss pilot city for electric vehicles, where publicly accessible charging infrastructures are a part of the urban landscape.

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