15 July 2000: Strasbourg - Karlsruhe - Mannheim - Darmstadt - Frankfurt/Main - Bad Homburg
The "Place Kleber" in Strasbourg
The historical Kleber square in the center of Strasbourg was the scene of the departure of this trip.
With a large fleet of electric vehicles (including rental vehicles), and an advanced tramway network, Strasbourg is clearly one of the forerunners in the field of electric transportation and related infrastructure. Furthermore, it has developed a comprehensive bicycle network.
The electric vehicles crossed the river Rhine into Germany.

Electric vehicle development in Germany is strongly connected with renewable energies: wind and solar energy.

The bridge over the river Rhine near Rastatt
On the market square of Karlsruhe
First stop in Germany was Karlsruhe, where a charging connection had been provided on the central "Marktplatz"
The participants were addressed by the mayor of Karlsruhe, who highlighted the benefits of electrical transportation.
Charging in Mannheim
Next stop was Mannheim, where the vehicles were charged at the city's landmark water tower. Not with water, of course.
Participants were received by delegates of the city and of the power company MWW Energie. The mayor adressed all participants, highlighting the role the city had played in the development of both vehicle and electric technology, and stressing the development of new technologies.
The scene seen from the water tower

Schlossplatz, Darmstadt
A short break was held in Darmstadt, in front of the city's castle.
By the evening, the big city of Frankfurt/Main was reached, where the participants were offered dinner at the premises of VDEW, the organisation of German electric utilities.
In front of the VDEW building in Frankfurt
The energy company in Bad Homburg
The day ended in Bad Homburg, where the local energy company hosted the vehicles for overnight recharge.

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