On its 1600 km long trip through five countries, and visiting twenty-seven cities, the second Transeuropean met everywhere a warm welcome by local authorities and utilities, and received a vivid interest from the press. 

It was made clear that the need for the further deployment of electric vehicle infrastructure is strongly existing, and that the Transeuropean initiative is a good way to promote this development.

The energy consumption values obtained showed clearly the value of the demonstrated vehicle technologies, both electric and hybrid, and proved their competitiveness facing conventional combustion technologies.

Electric two-wheel vehicles also showed their value, opening the use of the bicycle, and the associated beneficial physical exercise, to a larger number of people. The development of suitable bicycle path networks is also an essential element to be considered here.

The initiative will be repeated and extended next year; several of the cities visited already welcomed the next Transeuropean, which will aim for the EVS-18 in Berlin, the world's premier electric vehicle event.


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