TRANSEUROPEAN 2000 participants
Electric vehicles
Hybrid Toyota Prius
Electric bicycles
With the starting number 1 came this Peugeot Partner from Monaco, driven by Georges Dick, chairman of AMAVE, the Electric Vehicle Association of Monaco.
This Peugeot 106 Easymove is driven by Joël Morocutti from the Automobile Club of Monaco. 
The Vrije Universiteit Brussel, the premier research centre of electric vehicles in Belgium,  was represented by vehicle n°3, another 106, driven by Els Van Crombruggen. She performs research on urban mobility and the environment.
EasyMove n°4 carried Helmut Schefers from Brusa (at the wheel) and Sven Bohets from CITELEC. Their contribution as electricians allowed smooth charging connections.
In EasyMove N°5,  Mrs Michèle Lataire was accompanied by her children John and Florence.
Vehicle N°6, a Citroën Saxo, was driven by Christian Catherine from Belgium.
Easymove N°7 represented Autonoleggio Sud, the parent company of the Easymove project. It was driven successively by Gianni Scagliola, the manager of Autonoleggio, and by Pietro Trovato, pictured here.
Helga Morocutti from Vienna, Austria, participated in her Saxo under N°8. The vehicle is used by her cutlery business KnifeShop, and has performed over 30000 km in 2 years.
From Strasbourg came this 106, driven by Danny Kuntz (picture) and Alfred Zimmermann.
Ruedi Streuli from Switzerland presented his CityEl, which he converted with a new drive train, incorporating a range extender fuelled by methanol.
Johann Tischhauser from Geneva came in this Ligier, representing the well-known Scholl team.
The Twike lightweight vehicle was also present. This one was driven by Christian Galsterer from Liestal, Switzerland.
This prototype AKASOL vehicle was developed by the team of Prof. Von Bock from the University of Darmstadt.
Two service vehicles carried electrical connection and charging equipment and managed the whole event. This Peugeot Partner, N° 0, driven by Eduard Stolz of ECS, acted as the lead vehicle.
This Berlingo N° 29, driven by CITELEC's Peter Van den Bossche, acted as tail vehicle.
Hybrid vehicles were also present: with the Toyota Prius, driven by Gaston & Giuseppe Maggetto.
A second Toyota Prius was driven by Guy Basyn and Bernard Verstraete (at the wheel)
This hybrid Audi Duo is used in the ELCIDIS project in Erlangen and was driven by Christian Dürschner.
Electrically assisted bicycles took part, operated by the team of Prof. Philippe Lataire (left), Robin Lataire (right) and Frederic Dalle.

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