13 July 2000: Altdorf - Luzern - Olten - Basel
The court of the EWA in Altdorf
Overnight charging was provided by the electricity company in Altdorf, the village of Willem Tell.
The route through the heart of Switzerland led trough a magnificent landscape of mountains and lakes.
On the shores of Lake Lucerne
At the Kongresshaus in Luzern
The futuristic architecture of the Luzern Kongresshaus provided an interesting background for a charging break. 
Furthermore, the delegates of an international fuel cell symposium held there could enjoy the visit of the electric vehicles. 
Fuel cell powered vehicles were on display at the symposium,  like this ZeTek taxi.

The ZETEK Fuel Cell Taxi
The Munziger Platz in Olten
The next stop was this leafy square in Olten, where the participants where offered refreshments by the local power company.
The day ended in Basel, where the participants were able to enjoy a reception in the Hilton Hotel. This hotel is very sympathetic towards electric vehicles drivers, offering them a recharge infrastructure.

Basel also takes part in the E-Tour project, demonstrating 400 electrically assisted bicycles.

At the Basel Hilton
Charging station
The hotel even has its own charging station, offering free recharging to hotel guests.
On the reception offered to participants, Mr Rudolf Jegge of the canton Basel-Stadt, Prof Maggetto, and Mr Andreas Meyer from the commune of Muttenz presented their views on electric vehicles.
Mr  Rudolf Jegge, Amt für Umwelt and Energie, Baudepartment des Kantons Basel-Stadt

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