14 July 2000: Basel - Colmar - Strasbourg
On departure from Basel, the vehicles crossed into France, going through the Alsatian plain. The roads were quiet on this national holiday "quatorze juillet", allowing a smooth progress towards Colmar, where they were received on the historical "Place des Dominicains". The participants enjoyed a warm reception from the local energy company, being offered a bottle of the famous local Gewürztraminer wine.
Charging the vehicles in Colmar
The Prius in Colmar
The electric and hybrid vehicles showed themselves as ideal transport means for historical cities.
Further on to Strasbourg, where the vehicles were charged overnight at the technical centre of the "Communauté Urbaine de Strasbourg", a keen user of electric vehicles.
The sign on the well reads "Think of our lungs, stop your engines". 
The electric vehicles in the picture have no problem with this...
Enjoying the "choucroute d'Alsace"
In the evening, the Electric Vehicle Club of Strasbourg treated the participants with a traditional Alsatian "choucroute". This famous speciality of sauerkraut with  meat delicacies was sprinkled with an excellent Riesling wine.
Mr Roland Schaal, Mayor of Eschau, Vice- President of the "Communauté Urbaine de Strasbourg", President of the Electric Vehicle Club of Strasbourg,  and former President of CITELEC was the host in Strasbourg
Mr Schaal addresses the participants

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