17 July 2000: Kassel - Northeim - Hannover
On the final trip to Hannover, a lunch stop was made at Northeim, hosted by the local "Stadtwerke".
Delegates of the city and the Stadtwerke received the participants, whileas Professor Maggetto presented CITELEC. The city of Northeim showed an enthousiastic interest in the development of electric vehicle infrastructure.
Further on to Hannover, and entering the EXPO 2000! The goal is reached!
The vehicles proceeded to the pavillon of Monaco, where they were received by Mr Badia, General Commissioner of the Pavillon, who showed a big interest for electric and hybrid vehicles.
A nice array of cups and prizes awaited the participants, offered by the Prince and Princess of Hannover, AVERE, the Automobile Club of Monaco, and the SMEG power company of Monaco.
The lowest overall consumption was obtained by vehicle n°2, driven by Joël Morocutti of Monaco. The vehicle had an average consumption of only 116 Wh/Tkm, of 290 Wh/Tkm in primary energy. 
Translated in petrol consumption, this means only about 3 litres per 100 km, even taking into account the efficiencies of electric power stations!
Places on the premium stage were also there for Helga Morocutti (left), who obtained the silver prize plate offered by the Prince and the Princess of Hanover, and Els Van Crombruggen (right), who obtained the AVERE cup who was specially premiated for her fluid and rapid driving. The vehicles N°8 and N°3 had respective consumptions of 119 Wh/Tkm (297 primary) and 122 Wh/Tkm (306 primary).
Helmut Schefers and Sven Bohets (right) received from Raoul Viora, the president of CITELEC, a cup for their support in navigation and power connection. (vehicle n°4 - 123 Wh/Tkm, or 307 Wh/Tkm in primary energy)
Paola Scioni from EasyMove/Autonoleggio Sud was premiated for the most numerous participation, with 4 vehicles participating from the EasyMove fleet. Her vehicle , N°7, had a consumption of 125 Wh/Tkm (313 primary)
A prize for novice electric driver was given to Christian Catherine (center), who drove an electric vehicle for the first time barely one week before the Transeuropean. His N°6 managed  127 Wh/Tkm (317 primary)
Michèle Lataire (center) was awarded a prize for the family electric vehicle. She drove the trip with her children John and Florence (N° 5: 128 Wh/Tkm, 320 primary)
Georges Dick of AMAVE was prized for the utility vehicles. His Partner, N°1, managed 142 Wh/T km (354 primary)
A special prize for sportivity and hospitality was given to the Strasbourg team of vehicle N°9: Alfred Zimmermann (holding plate) and Danny Kuntz (with red jacket) obtained the commemorative plate from the Automobile club of Monaco.
The  AVERE cup for the hybrid vehicles went to the Toyota team: Guy Basyn (holding cup), Bernard Verstraete (third from right) and Giuseppe Maggetto. Prius N° 17 consumed 5,7 litres of petrol per 100 km, or 393 Wh/Tkm primary energy.
The SMEG commemorative plate went to Ruedi Streuli as prize for inventivity in converting his lightweight City El to a hybrid with range extender. N° 19 used  179 Wh/Tkm electricity, or 466 Wh/Tkm primary energy including the fuel consumption of the range extender which was rarely needed, since only 2,2 litres of fuel were used for the whole trip.
Finally, the AVERE cup for the two-wheel vehicles went to the team of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (from left to right: Robin Lataire, Frederic Dalle and Philippe Lataire).
Throughout the next day, electric vehicles remained exhibited before the Monaco pavillon.

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