An electric vehicle on board a Motorail wagon
Vehicles for the Transeuropean came from different countries. Some of them took the long trip to Monaco using Motorail services, which also of course involved environmentally friendly electric traction.
The hybrid Toyota Prius drove from Brussels to Monaco over the road

The Toyota Prius hybrid
The Citroën Saxo from Morocutti, Vienna, Austria
Other electric vehicles also made it by road, using intermediate charges, including this vehicle from Vienna. Its owner, Mrs Helga Morocutti, uses it as a service vehicle for her cutlery shop.
A trip along the scenic Côte d'Azur completed the journey to Monaco.

On the Azur coast: "Battery point"; could one charge here? :-)

The closed park in Monaco
All vehicle came together to Monaco, to the closed park on the quay near the harbour, ready for the start.

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